Penetration Testing

Why Do You Need a Penetration Test? Penetration testing is the most precise and reliable tool to get the real picture of your digital assets’ protection. You can successfully elaborate all your security policies, implement procedures, pass through the information […]

Data Security

All your assets are digital data. Just a set of ones and zeros storing on hard drives of personal computers, companies endpoints or in clouds. Unfortunately, they can be destroyed and lost forever at any moment if you have not […]

Digital Forensics

It happens every day to thousands of companies. Data breach, cyber espionage, ransomware, trojans, viruses, worms, insider leakages, whistleblowing – in other words, a kind of attack that brings devastating damage to a company. Those sad cases when bad guys […]

Anti-social engineering

Why Social Engineering is dangerous to you? Imagine, you have harden your network with the most powerful tools possible. You have carefully checked your web applications for vulnerabilities and eliminated all weak points. So now you can breathe out and […]

Advanced Persistent Threat

Why You Should Be Concern about APT There is a special kind of enemy in the cyberspace. High-trained, cunning, well-funded and tenacious attackers united in coordinated teams. If they target your company, you’re in real danger. They will do everything […]