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Reliable protection of your computers, personal gadgets, and networks on the every threat level – from technical to human. Providing your confidentiality on the Internet.

Верификация информации

Verification of information

Checking your business partners and competitors with two-factor technique of information-psychological analysis. Assessment of information credibility.

Оценка рисков и угроз

Risk assessment and threat modeling

Acute and high-qualified assessment of your systems’ vulnerabilities on the technical and human level and elaborating strong methods of protection.

Защита репутации

Reputation protection

Recovering reputation after information attacks and negative media campaigns. Preventive creation of bulletproof reputation to resist such attacks. Working with public opinion.

“In God I trust, all others I pen-test”

“In God I trust, all others I pen-test”


Sergii has a wonderful mix of talent — both on the tech side and in communications. I very much enjoyed working with Sergii at Comodo. Companies today need his blend of capabilities, although many of them still do not know it. Sergii acted as a mediator between narrow technical specialists and our technically non-educated audience, giving Comodo a great boost in visibility, in blogs, presentations, articles, and quarterly reports that covered a wide range of malware and cybersecurity issues.

Kenneth Geers; PhD, CISSP
20 years US Government (US Army, NSA, NCIS, NATO)

Sergii is an excellent technical content writer and presenter. His training videos are clear and presented with patience and willingness to show and help beginners and professionals on their way through difficult Cybersecurity topics.

Joseph Shenouda
Verizon Cyber Defense Principal (ASOC) & Trusted Adviser | FMR Defense Sr. Intelligence Officer

Sergii Nesterenko has a rare combination of deep knowledge and hands-on experience in various cybersecurity domains and strong influential writing. This special feature is high-demanded nowadays when educating cybersecurity topics and promoting cybersecurity products have become a priority task. His mastery in turning technical cybersecurity topics in engaging articles, blog entries and other kinds of influential writing have enabled effective informing wide audience about Comodo’s team achievements in its struggle against cybercrimes. Sergii’s ability to transform hard-to-understand cybersecurity topics into capturing stories for the wide audience is a wonderful way to deliver value information and win the hearts and minds of the customers.
Add here excellent communication skills to work effectively in the multinational command -- and you’ll understand why I’m sure that Sergii will add a great value to any company that invites him onboard.

Fatih Orhan
SVP of Technology, Comodo Cybersecurity

It was quite a pleasure for me to work with Sergii A. Nesterenko. As I was responsible for development management of Anti-Spam Lab team, we were contributing to come up with blockbuster blogs and articles to help the world of IT fight against unwanted emails and similar cyber attacks. Sergii is quite professional in gathering requirements, clearing unnecessary artifacts to deliver cutting-edge technical content in the most elegant way in a timely manner. I am sure he will bring success to every bit of work he involves in.

Nurettin Mert AYDIN
R&D Incentives Projects Manager at NuRD Innovation Center (Comodo) Turkey

It's been a pleasure working together with Sergii A. Nesterenko as an author for 2 courses on CyberSecurity. He has cutting edge knowledge on Cybersecurity. He is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time and take care of the project. He was open to feedback and was capable of adapting to new working environments. Very Positive attitude towards work. Our collaboration on the course has been a real joy for me and Packt. Would love to work with him again in future and create stellar video courses on cybersecurity.

Manish Nainani
Video Publisher at Packt

In the realm of cybersecurity, Sergii stands out as a true professional. His adept handling of project management tools and methodologies has been commendable.
His leadership shone through in his ability to foster collaboration and ensure alignment among stakeholders. Sergii is not just a skilled communicator but also a dedicated professional with a hands-on approach.
With a knack for adapting to complex scenarios, Sergii has shown he can rise to any cybersecurity challenge.

Carl Dietzel
Entrepreneur, Investor, Nerd, Founder of DIESEC

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